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praneo is a collaborative foundation

from its status : we aim at people - planet - profit sustainability through raising consciousness

Why are we here in the world ?

praneo has been founded to promote a society beneficial for people, for profit and for the planet as a whole and not one at the expense of the other. It is born from the experience of its members who observed a lack of meaning in how society evolves and a lack of coherence and alignment between corporate objectives and economic, ecological and societal needs.

Our consultants mostly come from large global companies that nurture short-term and financial-restricted goals.This pressure from the top, too often generates meaningless jobs, stressful environment and toxic management. The recognition of this structural context, has become the igniter to develop a more holistic view of the business.

Since this suffering is universal, the solutions provided by praneo are by design, universal and inclusive of genuine belief systems. praneo is neutral and free from any religious or political interests. Pragmatic, result-oriented and adapted to the 21st century way of life we gathered a community of seekers and a network of business consultants to form a collaborative enterprise serving individuals and organizations.


Why bridging individual personal practices and corporate collective transformation ?

Through our own personal and professional crisis, it became clear to us that the individual’s identity, the ego, is inhibiting change and transformation. We have found solutions for ourselves to master our own limited minds allowing more conscious, aware and heart-centered individuals to arise. We shared these methods with other individuals who also found success with this.

Then we realized, through a fractal and holistic approach that it could be replicated to corporate culture. We called it “the praneo way”, the following chart describes how to mingle silo, synergy and systemic mindset more efficiently to adress not only business processes but also the culture and the structure among which we live and operate. This has been the result of 6 years of business development for a large US blue chip that we eventually synthetized. It is therefore experimental based and thenafter turned into a model that we now apply and tailor-make to our customers and beneficiaries.