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Because sustainable performance respects human beings and their environment

Who performs better, an autonomous, united team or a groups of short-term oriented mercenaries?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them" Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


From competition to collaboration

According to MIT, agile companies generate 30% more profit than traditional businesses
Stimulate collective intelligence
  • Establish a culture of collaborative processes
  • Develop employee autonomy and responsibility

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Reduce internal cannibalization
  • Design internal transversal marketing strategies
  • Develop more holistic business models
  • Align individual interests with collective benefits

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Innovate in a changing market

By 2027, 75% of the S&P 500 will be made up of companies that do not yet exist (Reuters, 2012).
Make innovation more efficient
  • Manage uncertainties related to innovation
  • Meet your target with human-centered processes
  • Make innovation teams more resilient and trans-disciplinary 
  • Create a culture of innovation

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Establish a 3.0 marketing strategy
  • Redefine product and distribution policy to make it customer and planet friendly
  • Design external and internal communication strategies that are unique, cost-effective and sustainable
  • Develop mid-to-long-term internal and external collaborations and partnerships with local, regional and international networks
  • Integrate the sales team into the global vision

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Create long-term added value

According to the FT, on the subject of the Volkswagen scandal, the legal and recall cost will surpass $30 billion. How much will the loss of image and of future sales cost?
Integrate hidden social and environmental costs
  • Go beyond legal financial reporting to evaluate human and environmental assets
  • Improve overall management by integrating advanced indicators

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Optimize cash flow over the entire life cycle
  • Model the interdependence of various silos
  • Integrate the "afterlife" and recycling in product pricing
  • Broaden company investment policy to include environmental and human perspectives

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  • Optimize the balance-sheet through leasing and off-sheet tools 
  • Secure financing by limiting depreciation of non-financial assets

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We hear everywhere that Europe is in crisis. We, however, think that since the end of the post-war boom, the West has been undergoing a profound transformation.

Can a company focusing only on the results of the next quarter seize the scale of this transformation?

  • 36% of the stock-market value of British companies is based on the value of their reputation alone (Reputation Dividend, 2016) (link)
  • 74% of Millenials consider that their “full potential” is not being used by the organizations they work for. (Deloitte, 2016) (link)
  • Only 34% of the board of directors fully understand the strategies of their companies (McKinsey, 2014) (link)
  • 74% of these same board members acknowledge that they are the source of financial pressure for short-term results. (McKinsey, 2014) (link)