WAAS was founded in 1960 by Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer and others to bring to the world a space and a context to bridge Arts and Sciences. Today, more than 750 intellectuals, artists and politicians are developing a humanistic vision of “leadership in thought that leads to action".

Two founding members of praneo are official members of this group, and contribute to its work by providing insight for more holistic business models, and training for more conscious individuals.

UN Global Compact

praneo is an official member of the UN Global Compact, the organization set up by the United Nations to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have officially committed to the efforts of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to align our actions with these 17 SDGs, and to help our clients to design a strategy and to allocate resources to achieve these global goals.

ThriveAbility Foundation

The ThriveAbility Foundation has developed the 2-day “Masterclass” seminar that provides a work-shop setting and theoretical framework for organizations that are advancing through the colors of spiral dynamics.

praneo is an official Delta Partner, which allows us to provide consulting services within the ThriveAbility framework. In addition, we participate in the Masterclass by presenting a case-study that examines the transformation of a large multinational.

The YK Center

The YK Center's Lab is a 3-day off-site experience that exposes organizations to the ecological, social and economic challenges humanity is facing. Teams and companies leave the lab energized with a clear environmental and social mission.

praneo is the European partner of this lab. We use the know-how of this Israel-based company when assisting organizations that are struggling to establish their purposes beyond profitability for shareholders.


SWICA is a leading Swiss insurance company specializing in disease and accidents. It represents more than 1.3 million private and more than 26,000 corporate customers. For companies, SWICA offers a complete range of services from careful attention to prevention and follow-up of the sick and injured.

praneo is accredited by SWICA to develop benefits to its insured, promoting prevention of burnout, stress control and any other solutions for well-being at work.

Global Footprint Network

GFN created the ecological footprint calculators used, among others, by the WWF and many cities around the world. Every year GFN also calculates and publishes the day on which the Earth will deplete its stocks of natural resources.

praneo helped GFN set up two workshops in Bern and Zürich on Food and Energy autonomy in Switzerland. The collaboration with GFN includes the expansion of their calculator to include a social impact dashboard.

Center for Sustainable Organizations

The Center for Sustainable Development designed a UN-validated method to assess context-based multi-capital impact. This method renders current reporting standards that seek absolute indicators obsolete, because in reality, the ecological or human context is always unique, local and subjective.

praneo is officially approved to implement the Context-Based MultiCapital Scorecard®, and helps its clients to assess their real social, ecological and economic impact.

Caux Round Table

The Caux Round Table (CRT) is an international network of experienced business leaders. Born in the 1960s from the arbitration between Philipps and Canon, it led to the very first formalized agreement on Corporate Social Responsibility.

praneo has contributed to the agenda of this association by including personal development, and understanding of the link between the degree of empathy and conscience of business leaders and their modes of management and decision making.

Canadian Academy for the Knowledge Economy

ACES/CAKE supports entrepreneurship and democratizes new technologies. It oversees SENSORICA, an open-innovation laboratory that can create and sustain technical and social projects in the emerging world of collaborative economy.

praneo and ACES/CAKE/Sensorica have developed “Breathing Games,” a set of open-source games for children suffering from cystic fibrosis. By synchronizing their breath with the movements of a virtual hero, children then enjoy doing their daily breathing exercise, guaranteeing regularity and efficiency in the process.