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Because the purpose of profit will have to be to serve society

Can you imagine economic growth that harms neither humanity nor environment?

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

Martin Luther King (1929-1968)


Thriving together, rather than going it alone and hitting the wall

Become an agent for global change by aligning your organizational policies with global agenda
Participate in international initiatives
  • Align your business policies with Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (Link)
  • Establish a circular economy according to European Union guidelines (Link)

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Become an organization for the greater good

The following organizations can help you take the next step towards becoming sustainable, accountable company:

  • Become a GameChanger company by defining your own ethical goals through team building with the YK Center (Link)
  • Get registered in the Thrivability Foundation index (Link)
  • Measure your ecological footprint with the GlobalFootPrint Network (Link)

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We not only take action to align classical, corporate functions, but foremost we impact your company culture, Corporate Social Responsibility and its reason for being.


Leaders - Decision Makers

We set up holistic strategies by catalysing human and organisational changes. We help you reveal the hidden potentials of your organization,  in order to


Sales & Marketing

We help your salesforce to create strategic partnerships and long term trustful relationships to sell the right value proposition, by: 


R&D Production Quality

We will support you to align further customer and product lifecycles, with aim to optimize at the same time profits, innovation and sustainability.  

We will help you to

Finance – IT - Legal

Optimisation of your financial, legal and IT resources

The primary role of these functions is to ease the circulation and fluidity of cash and information throughout the organisation. They are means  to serve the enterprise and not its purpose.

We will accompany you to:


Human Resources

praneo adapts ancient well known techniques to 21st century organisations in order to foster vertical development of your employees and address immunity to change, with goal to


Value Proposition :

Why would your customers choose your company over your competititors’ ?

We would walk along with you to build strong brands, differentiated and backed by solid value propositions, which generate enthusiasm, loyalty and pride, specifically for the most profitable and growing segments.

We will help you to



How could we leverage culture to effectively remove organisational change obstacles ?

Our contributions will stimulate an innovative culture,  to allow structural and process reforms to be fully supported by engaged and motivated collaborators.

We help you to



How to adapt your company structure to maximize opportunities?

Creating and developping cannot be done at the same place and with the same people than executing and producing. Different abilities, culture and consciousness level generate different comfort zone.

We help you to


Corporate Social Responsibility

How to synchronize the companys’interests with those of the civil society ?

Even in a globalized world, the regional and local civil society remains a significant potential of customers who purchase your brands, constitute the pool to hire human competencies from, and an influencer of your organisational culture. We accompany you to integrate your CSR into the heart of your strategy. We will help you to



How could we make organizations, projects and value propositions more flexible, agile and in phase with the most relevant external changes ?

We propose to transform the rather rigid annual planification process, with a more dynamic and holistic one, based on continuous improvement ( bottom-up / inside out ) of value propositions ( top down / outside in ).

We help you to



How can the necessary organizational metamorphosis be optimized, as the context becomes more and more complex ?

Due to the speed, depth, breadth, and interdependencies of the many ongoing paradigm changes, a pyramidal structure is outdated. In order to fully benefit from the collective intelligence of autonomous and transdisciplinary teams, a new form of governance is required. We help you to



Our current economical and social growth engines are based on over-production, over-consumption, intensive use of fossil fuel, excessive debts, and the robotization of humans. We need other strategies: more sustainable and holistic. We need people who master their mind and their altruistic potential. To accompany you throughout these paradigm shifts, we will help you to: